Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Postcard, One Smile!

Berlinda Ação Social is carrying out a campaign that consists in several visits to children of Portuguese mother tongue that are hospitalized in Berlin. One of them is Cristóvão -  his birthday is on the 1st of April and he will still be in the hospital.

In his day, let's overwhelm him of birthday postcards! You just have to write few little words in Portuguese such as:
Muitos parabéns! - Happy Birthday!
Melhoras rápidas! - Get well soon!
Um dia cheio de sorrisos! - Have a day full of smiles!
Let's help Berlinda to give moments of hapiness to Cristóvão in his first birthday far from the family!
 The postcards should be sent until the 29th March to:
Berliner Allee 132
13088 Berlin

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  1. The postcards can be sent until the 26th april - the kid's birthday is actually on the 28th april! (He told us repeatedly about his birthday being on april 1st, but as he one day mentioned he might have confused dates, we decided to double-check with his passport and with his mum in Angola... and it is on the 28th april! So now we have more time to gather postcards! Please keep sending them! THANK YOU!!!!